About us

Studio Bleta was founded in 2003.Since the beginning, it has been rated as one of the best photo studios in the city of Vlora, which produced the most professional photos both inside the studio and outside it.
Studio Bleta has constantly been invited to important events such as engagements, birthdays, weddings and various events in the city of Vlora and in several cities in Albania, and recently also outside of Albania.

Studio Bleta offers services such as: Drone Shooting, FHD & 4K Quality, Professional Photo & Video, Video & Photo Editing, Advertising Spots, Professional Studio Sets, etc.

Some of the most important events they have participated in are: Miss Albania 2017, the wedding event of Gjergj Kastriot and Rione Junno, etc.

I had a wonderful experience with Studio Bleta. From the moment I met Juli to discuss booking them for my wedding, my family and I were very impressed. He was really respectful and kind. On the wedding day I met Geri and he was so great! Everything turned out so perfect. They captured every moment with video, photo & drone and the quality is amazing!!


They are absolutely the BEST photographers I have ever seen! They created an unparalleled masterpiece for our wedding, they were able to capture the most emotional moments... they were involved in the wedding but always discreet, they knew how to put us at ease, in every situation. Their videos are able to take us back to the wedding day as if we could relive it.

Natascia Gelato


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