Studio Bleta

With love, from Bleta!

At Studio Bleta, we see love as the most enchanting composition, where every glance, touch, and shared smile becomes a work of art.
Through our lens, we strive to immortalize the poetry of love, creating visual symphonies that resonate eternally.

Our story

Every picture is a little story that lasts forever.

Established in 2003, Studio Bleta swiftly garnered acclaim as a premier photography studio in Vlora. Renowned for capturing the epitome of professionalism, the studio excels in delivering exceptional photographs, both within the confines of its walls and in diverse external settings. Continually sought after, Studio Bleta graces significant events, including engagements, birthdays, weddings, and organizational affairs not only in Vlora but also across various cities in Albania. Recently, its influence has expanded beyond Albania’s borders, marking a testament to its enduring excellence.

Making memories

Preserving the beauty of love through the lens.

Beyond pixels

Preserving the journey of marriage through pictures is akin to holding onto a treasure trove of shared moments. In the visual tapestry of photographs, each frame becomes a timeless reminder of love’s journey-capturing laughter, milestones, and the quiet beauty of everyday life. As time unfolds, these images serve as a poignant narrative, rekindling the warmth of cherished memories, and reinforcing the enduring bond that weaves through the intricate fabric of marriage. Photographs not only freeze moments but also breathe life into the narrative of a shared lifetime, becoming an invaluable testament to the love story that continues to evolve with every passing day.

Mama moments

Miraculous journey of anticipation and love

Chronicles of childhood

Childhood memories are the magic that stays with us forever.

Bundle of joy

Each frame tells a unique story of giggles, first smiles, and tender moments that define the precious early days of life. These baby pictures are not just photographs; they are windows into a world of innocence and pure delight. From tiny fingers grasping onto curiosity to adorable expressions that melt hearts, this collection celebrates the magic of babyhood. Every snapshot is a timeless treasure, a glimpse into a chapter filled with love, laughter, and the undeniable charm of a little one’s journey.


Client and shared experiences